An OC of Helene Gaifem.
Gothic styled painting of a red haired girl bathing in blood.
Mars and those Jellyfish
Mars with some pretty glowing jellyfish.
Amanda Ellen
Pretty girl with pigtails wearing a yellow beanie.
Marlene / Rainbowpuke
Very colorful whitehaire girl. I made this for pridemonth june this year.
Redhaired girl sitting in water. Is it water?
Nude red haired girl in a Alienworld.
Miss Antiverse
Nude red haired woman with a surreal looking landscape
Luxleyheart with liquid gloves
The inspiration is from Magic: The Gathering. My goal was to let her look like she emerges from the play-card. The glowing around the card is something you see when playing one of the digital versions of Magic.
Marajade Sith You can see Korriban in the background.
Trece - zombified
Alt Model Trece as Zombie. Happy Halloween