Zumie - I made a mess
Zumie Oct. 30, 2015 -

Zumie from Suicidegirls.

Zumie Progress 1

2227 x 3717 @ 271kB

My reference was really cropped. The arms, legs and the head were not visible and I had to draw them from imagination. But that's good, since it forced me to get out of my comfort zone. I wasn't really able to draw the spray cans in the background and they would put too much detail in the background. So I did add this color-falls which makes this really unique. Also this was the first time doing anything like that. But I do something like this again, I totally enjoyed it.

Zumie - I made a mess
Zumie is a cute sprayer from Finland.

2227 x 3581 @ 601kB
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