Broken Wacom
Wacom Mobile Studio Pro broken Oct. 9, 2018 -

My hardware is broken and my progress slowed down a bit.

I've heard horror stories about broken Wacom devices. And now it affected me as well.

It all started when I was visiting my family when out of nowhere my Mobile Studio Pro Screen starts to lift.

Broken Wacom

2048 x 1536 @ 291kB

So after a quick research it turned out that the battery got bloated up, you probably experienced that with a mobile phone that you had in the past. After the initial shock I contacted Wacom on twitter and they guided me to get a replacement. The customer support gave me the option to send in my device and repair it or to send me a new one.

I took the option to get a new device and within a week I've got my replacement. Yes exactly the same model. At that time I had both devices here and enough time to transfer all important data from the broken one to the new one.

The replaced device now runs fine for weeks and I hope it won't happen again. Because warranty don't get renewed why they send you the new device. You can get help with your Wacom device here: