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T-Shirt Store, Discord Server and other things

What is happening

So since my last blog post a few things happened besides my appearance in the Aesthetica Magazine.

So in June, I've got, like many other artists too, hit by the suspension wave on Patreon. I've got my account successfully back but the reason why I've got suspended is ridiculous. Implied nudity, something that suddenly is against their community guidelines and isn't even mentioned anywhere, they've only told me that after I asked them. The Patreon helpdesk was at this time down because of the requests flood and handling my account took some extra time because of that. If Patreon should suspend you as well and you write them a support ticket that don't give you an automated answer within 10 minutes - write another one.

What happens to my Patreon account now?

Right now I no longer plan to upload anything there, I wanted to make my art available on Patreon without paywall. And people that just follow me on Patreon should enjoy it too. Patreons ultimatum is that I put everything that contains, "adult content" (yes boobs hidden by an arm or hands is adult content too) as patron-only content. This is bullshit and is an act of censorship.

So this brings me to my current solution and a way to build up a community and have a better way to interact with my fans and get the same personal level that is possible with Patreon. I resurrected my Discord Server :) Where I have enough freedom to share my art without those restrictions.

Merch Stores

I tried to do some merchandise. I personally don't have the equipment to make those products on my own, so I have to rely on print-on-demand services.
My first attempt was Teespring but they suspended one of my campaigns, which took me the motivation to upload any more of my art there. I tried to appeal their decision and showed them that my artwork is similar to the examples they had in their guidelines about artistic nudity.

Mars and those Jellyfish
Mars with some pretty glowing jellyfish.

3535 x 5000 @ 2859kB

Eventually I ended up with threadless. They are okay with the amount of nudity in my paintings. I like the selection of products they have and it is possible to sell on my artworks to them, if they like it.

Bans on Aminoapp

Beware: A bit of ranting here.

I recently got started on Amino, because people told me that there are a lot art related communities. Well that is true so far.
You can compare Amino a bit with reddit where you have multiple smaller communities on the site. Those have their own guidelines, admins and moderator.
So I joined a few of them (Art Amino, DeviantArt Amino, Leader Amino - because I was about to make my own there, Artist for Artist Amino and a few more).

I'm banned on all of those except on Art Amino. DeviantArt Amino has a very immature Leader that also removed all the curators that disagree with her when a member got banned. Like me, I managed to get one unban there by Team Amino but Swirls banned me again as soon as she saws me. My first ban was when I shared a blog in which I talked about my feature on Aesthetica. Leader Amino banned me because of my Avatar, I guess. The Leader there never told me what was wrong and instead gave me a strike and hid my profile. Gave me 24h to change my profile to match their guidelines otherwise I would get a ban. But since they gave me a strike I didn't even had the chance to change it because my profile was read only during that time. My profile picture was the censored version of my Marlene Painting.

And there is Team Amino, they are like Community-Managers and usually handle cases that would flag their app on Google Play. For example when someone posts sexual content. In May Amino updated their community guidelines and allowed female nipples in an artistic context if the intend is not to arouse. That works most of the time, with some exceptions otherwise they wouldn't had super-ban me 2 times. Even the support wrote me that not everyone on Team Amino knows about the guideline change and that they work on it so that everyone is up to date. At the time of writing I still have 2 open tickets, one for the power abuse in DeviantArt Amino and another one for the unfair handling and power abuse in Leader Amino.

Is Amino recommended for Artists?

I would say try it. You probably get some strikes and bans in a few Amino communities, especially if you don't create art that is K-Pop or related to fandoms like Steve Universe. One of the biggest issue on almost all Aminos is the very young leadership in the communities followed by zealous leaders and curators that are very thirsty to ban or strike someone. So far my only good experience with a leadership was in one Amino and that is the Art Amino who even tried to defend me when Team Amino banned me because of artistic nudity. If you wish to follow me on Art Amino you can do this here.

So that's it. Are you on Amino too? Did you have similar experiences?

alexxdarko - sun, moon and stars
Painting inspired by Luis Ricardo Falero

4242 x 6000 @ 7221kB
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