Undead Dec. 13, 2015 -

Undead from suicidegirls - Miss Steph Zombie.

I had something like this for a while in my mind. I kept a strong eye on composition in my drawing here. In the first 2 pictures you can see how strong the green tentacle on the side steals all the focus. I fixed that in the final image and it pulls in the viewer now. I planed to do more tentacles from above but this crossed her face too much, so I drew them like they would point on her to keep her in the vocal point.

Undead WIP 1

2405 x 3400 @ 452kB
Undead WIP 2

2405 x 3400 @ 729kB
Undead / Steph with a bunch of tentacles.

2405 x 3400 @ 959kB
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