Sexuality Issue - Coal Mag
Things that happened, Coal Magazine Aug. 24, 2016 -

I've got featured in the Coal Magazine

Coal Magazine Logo

What is this about?

The Coal Magazine is an independent international magazine. Most of the Staff are from New York, they describe themselves like this:

"COAL is a quarterly collection of literary and visual art which aims to expose the odd, the overlooked, and the eccentric. Our magazine relies primarily on submissions in order to provide a diverse experience for our readers.COAL aims to expose new voices, and remains motivated by its contributors' images, words, and the stories they tell."

You can find me on 3 Pages in their 1st Issue "Sexuality" somewhere on Page 32 (If I remember correctly). They featured 3 of my paintings.

Channy - for the sake of bacon!
Praesepe and Mikaul and bubbles


Some of the other artists in it:

ERNEST VOLYNEC - Warren Giddarie - Rada Nastai

I really hope this wasn't my last entry in any magazine.

Thinks you should know about submitting your art to a magazine:

  • Really only submit your best pieces
  • Have alternative ways on which they can reach you (Mail Email Address was blacklisted by Gmail during this whole process) - for example social media like Facebook or Twitter
  • you might not get popular over night, especially with small independent magazines
  • Don't spam them, because chances are that they get a lot of submissions
  • Read carefully what they are writing on their page. Look for deadlines, maybe you can create a masterpiece until you reach the deadline
  • Ask them for exclusive art, one which you only made for the magazine
  • Keep track where you already have submitted some of your art
  • Have something that represents you like a website/portfolio. They will share it on their profiles in social networks. You don't want to miss that chance.

How to find those magazines

A great way is to use Twitter and search for tweets containing "submit art", "art wanted" or "accepting submissions". A method which I recently discovered is Magcloud. Many small magazines publish their issues there and so you can find those.

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