Submit a guest post

So you want to provide some nice input to my readers. I am looking for some fresh new voices.

Please submit your posts to You can use the same address for suggestions if you want me to write about a specific topic.

Topics of interest:

  • everything about art, especially digital art
  • art + open source
  • Websites related to art, know a new cool art community?
  • about your art magazine

Some rough guidelines:

  • 600 - 1000 words - can be less if you provide some media (images, videos, audio)
  • don't artificially extend your post to get those amount of words
  • if your post is just self-promoting, I'll pass
  • link sources
  • it's okay to link your own site, facebook page, instagram, twitter or twitch in the post

I don't know what to write.

I am writing very loose on my blog, so you can too. Think about like your would speak to a friend. Your post don't need to be perfect and you can use very simple English.

I wrote something great on my blog, can I repost it here?

No, please not. Guest posts are there to gain visibility on the web e.q via search engines and interesting new content.

Would you write for me?

Sure :)