Skinbyrd Oct. 25, 2015 -

Drawing Skinbyrd form

This turned different out than I was originally planed. Well I knew I want to do something different now, something that is a bit uncommon. I drew as usual most parts of this digital. But when I started to do some of the darker shades I continued with it traditional. I printed this on Bristol paper and drew the grass, parts of the Hair and the dark shadows with water colour marker. My final result was this and you can clearly see the paper structure. I'm not quite sure if I do something like this again or just add some of the paper structure to my future drawings.

Skinbyrd WIP 1

3200 x 2262 @ 413kB
skinbyrd wip 2
The distance between mouth and nose was a bit too large. I lowered it and she looks much more cute now :)

3200 x 2262 @ 404kB
I tried something new here. I turned this into "reverse" Mixed media. So I started it digital, did some parts with traditional watercolor markers. Then scanned it and continue digital.

3200 x 2262 @ 1495kB
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