Sirenn finished
Sirenn - Magic Woods Nov. 10, 2015 -

Sirenn is a Model from Australia

Sirenn WIP 1

2000 x 1200 @ 165kB

Shortly after I started this I wanted to add something magical. My reference Photo already showed her in the woods sitting like this on old wooded stairs. Her legs are much lower than the rest of her body, so I tried to keep that on the darker part of the drawing and added as much contrast and details in the face and upper body area. I had most trouble with her right food and the plants.

Siren WIP 2

2233 x 1488 @ 210kB
Sirenn WIP 3

3200 x 2132 @ 383kB
Sirenn WIP 4

3600 x 2364 @ 421kB
Sirenn WIP 5

3600 x 2364 @ 425kB
Sirenn finished
Sirenn from suicidegirls, a model from Australia

3600 x 2364 @ 951kB
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