Rhaeny in Wonderland
Rhaenys in wonderland Nov. 17, 2015 -

Rhaenys from suicidegirl, a model from brazil.

I redraw most of the face, because I wasn't happy at all at that state.

rhaenys wip1

1878 x 2740 @ 189kB
rhaenys wip2

2600 x 3793 @ 313kB

I didn't know at this point what I should do with the rest of the image. I don't wanted her to site simply on a blank canvas. The idea came when I drew her tattoo on her arm, which shows Alice and the white rabbit.

Rhaeny in Wonderland
I came up with the background and the whole setting when I started to draw her tattoo on her arm.

2600 x 3793 @ 1706kB