Orion - Mixed media March 31, 2017 -

I drew this traditional and digital.

So this time I decided to do something new. Well actually it's not that new, I did that in the past already here: Dreams_ from suicidegirls

I started digital, as usual but then printed my digital sketch. Added some Lines with pencil, especially in her face and applied masking film for the hair. That was the point when I totally ruined my painting. I've never thought the film is that sticky and would tear bristol paper apart.

Orion WIP 1

4600 x 3253 @ 368kB

I added water color and scanned the painting. At this step I fixed the huge damaged part where the hair should be digital.
Hair fixed and ready to print it again. This time without adding masking film and I used a much stronger bristol paper. I like how her lips turned out, they look so vivid. But I totally need to practice more with water based colors.

Orion Suicide, from suicidegirls.com

4000 x 2826 @ 1862kB
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