GlitterGalore with Squid
Miss GlitterGalore [WIP] Sept. 20, 2015 -

GlitterGalore is a model and performer from South Korea. She requested me to draw her. Since this include something more than a face and some skin I accepted it.

After an hour of sketching I came up with this. GlitterGalore sent me a reference for this.

GlitterGalore Squid WIP1
First work in progress showing GlitterGalore

2226 x 2208 @ 508kB
GlitterGalore Squid WIP2
Showing the rat on her shoulder here. I've never drew a rat before.

2979 x 2373 @ 1191kB

I never drew a rat before and was surprised how good Squid looked.

GlitterGalore with Squid
GlitterGalore is an performer and model from south korea. This was a requested drawing.

3295 x 2373 @ 2435kB

I added a tail to Squid, to make it more obvious that this is a rat. In the Original reference the tail was hidden behind the shoulder.

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