Leemalee Jan. 3, 2018 -

Leemalee is a redhead Pinupgirl.

The background is a reference to vasquez rocks. I later found out that she wants to do a photo-shooting there.

5800 x 4100 @ 5721kB

I already was painting for a while today and even scraped one painting before starting this one. I had a few days break from painting and it instantly hit me like a bus.

Leemalee WIP 1
Unfinished painting of Leemalee

5658 x 4000 @ 545kB

Everything went quite well so far and it didn't took me that long for this state. I went back to my roots and started to constantly remind myself about simplify all possible shapes before going into detail. Something that I forgot with the previous, now deleted, painting.

Leemalee WIP 2
Unfinished painting of Leemalee.

5658 x 4000 @ 706kB

I don't know yet which direction it is going to take, surreal, pop culture maybe food.

leemalee wip 3

5800 x 4100 @ 710kB
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