July Ruby
Julyruby Sept. 24, 2015 -

Drawing the wonderful julyruby from france (I guess)

I exported this with the wrong color profile and all colors got much darker than the original.

2200 x 1429 @ 660kB

This already takes 1 day. I compiled the current Krita version which changes image exporting a bit. Now I need to convert my pictures each time. But that additional step gives me more control and forced me to make sure I selected the correct color profile.

Juliruby 1 WIP
Julyruby from suicidegirls.com this is a work in progress.

2734 x 1991 @ 1053kB
July Ruby
July Ruby from suicidegirls.com this is the final version. I changed her hair a bit because it got too much in her face.

2734 x 1991 @ 1577kB
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