Alderaan in Alderaan
Alderaan in Alderaan May 22, 2016 -

After she asked me multiple times, I finally did it.

Had a bunch of chats with Alderaan Suicide and always told her, yes I'm going to draw you one day. I just can't tell when this will happen. Ouiii! It happened. Those stuff in the background is something which should be on Alderaan at least that's what I saw on some Star Wars concept art.

Alderaan in Alderaan

4000 x 2829 @ 3738kB
Alderaan WIP 3

4000 x 2829 @ 333kB
Alderaan WIP 2

4000 x 2829 @ 280kB
Alderaan WIP 1

2480 x 1754 @ 134kB
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